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Chemcentral Antifreeze Red is also known as Caflon OAT
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SKU 1016628
Weight 1,113
Features & Benefits
  • Offers outstanding protection against corrosion, overheating and frost.
  • Long life’ antifreeze.
  • The exceptional thermal stability eliminates the risks of deposits particularly near the cylinder head, engine block, radiator, water pump and heat exchanger.
  • Is Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate (NAP free), borate and silicate free.
  • Meets the requirements of BS:6580 (2010), ASTM D3306, SAE J1034, ASTM D6210, AFNOR R15-601 (with the exception of reserve alkalinity)
  • Meets the performance requirements of DAF 74002, MB325.3, MTU MTL 5048, VW TL 774-D/F, MAN 324 SNF, Cummins CES 14603, Volvo VCS 418-0001
Synonyms Caflon OAT
Boiling Range 109°C (50% vol in DI water)
Colour Red
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Freezing Point -37.0°C (50% vol in DI water)
Supplier UNIVAR
Package Type IBC
pH 7.9 (50% vol in DI water)
Relative Density 1.120 (15.5/15.5°C (60/60°F)
Shelf Life 2 years when stored in original closed, air-tight containers at temperatures ≤ 30°C

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Antifreeze Red 1000 litre IBC

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