Prohibited Uses

This product may not be used in the applications or end markets listed below.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
  • Direct Food Additives
  • Tobacco

Product Specifications

Isopropyl Alcohol Industrial, often known as Isopropanol or shortened to IPA, is a clear, colourless, volatile material with a mild odour and a relatively low toxicity compared to alternate solvents. IPA is miscible in water, alcohol, and most organic solvents. It will dissolve substances such as cellulose; natural resins; oils and gums; alkaloids.
More Information
SKU 2025481
Weight 157
Appearance Clear & Bright
CAS 67-63-0
Synonyms Isopropyl alcohol, IPA, sec-propyl alcohol, 2-propanol, propan-2-ol, dimethylcarbinol.
Assay (% w/w) 99.8 Min
Benzene (ppm) 2 Max.
Colour (Pt-Co) Max. 5
Density @ 20°C (g/cm3) 0.784 – 0.787
Supplier UNIVAR
Package Type Drum
Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.376 - 1.378
Total impurities (%) 0.3 Max.
Water (%w/w) 0.1 Max.

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