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Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful liquid sanitizer and disinfectant that retains the natural look and feel of swimming pools while ensuring constant protection against bacteria. In addition to safeguarding the water quality, it is also effective in killing off Legionella bacteria and biofilm that can accumulate on any surfaces exposed to water. As such, Sodium Hypochlorite provides an ideal choice for pool owners who are concerned about pool safety and hygiene on the long-term. This powerful oxidizing agent offers a variety of other benefits too: Its high chlorine levels make it excellent for carrying out oxidation of organics in water bodies, it has low corrosiveness even on metal walls, and its commonly recognized structure allows its use without much risk of microorganism build up resistance. Exchangeable salt forms ensure greater versatility as well as control over residual chlorine levels in treated water. All in all, Sodium Hypochlorite offers reliable sanitizing action, consistent results, and safe handling features - making it an economically viable choice for routine disinfection needs.
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SKU 1020990
Weight 1,260
Appearance Clear yellow-green liquid
CAS 7681-52-9
Chlorine Min 14%
Iron Max. 2 (mg/kg)
Supplier UNIVAR
Package Type IBC
Sodium Carbonate Max 1.5%

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