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  • Food applications 

Product Specifications

Deionised water is water as you know it but with the ions removed. Water from the tap typically collects minerals from environment it passes through, these minerals can include (although not exclusively) Calcium, Sodium and Copper.Deionised water from ChemCentral is typically used where high levels of water purity is required, this can be anything from use in a laboratory to cleaning in an industrial application, a popular application is also using our water in car batteries. Is it safe to drink? We do not recommend drinking deionised water and the water we sell is an industrial grade so not suitable for food applications - the chemicals we use to clean the IBC's prior to filling with deionised water are likely to be incompatible with food applications. Whilst typically deionised water is not poisonous, the water we drink from taps or bottled water contains many minerals that are good for us and part of a balanced diet. Deionised water has many of these minerals removed so we do not encourage anyone to drink deionised water.
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SKU 1012742
Weight 1,000
CAS 7732-18-5
Colour Clear, Colorless
Supplier UNIVAR
Package Type IBC
Relative Density 1.00 @ @ 20°C

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Deionised Water 1000kg IBC

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